Each submission should be completed by June1st.

The heartbeat of Sub:Culture is that we would help equip students of color grow in their love for God and knowledge of who He is, what He’s like and how it affects both their lives and the people around them. We also desire to practically assist students and alumni with the many challenges they will face; one of which being financial circumstances that get in the way of academic success, physical well being, employment or enrollment.. In that vein we are sponsoring a writing contest with a prize of $200 to a male and a female candidate


One thing we know is that students often have dreams for their summer and are talented entrepreneurs, evangelists, creatives, etc. We are sponsoring an annual Passion Project Contest. What is a project you feel passionate about that you wish you had some funding to accomplish? Maybe it is creating a video series or an app? Maybe it’s starting a website to connect people in your community. Maybe it’s making a demo or mixtape that will uplift and empower people. Whatever your passion is we want to know and possibly sponsor it.