We are looking for individuals who desire to help expand our following by assisting us as a Social Media Intern. This internship will report directly to the Director of Operations and will give practical job experience in the business and nonprofit world.


As an Intern you would:

  1. Have the option to work remotely from wherever you are.

  2. Participate in one strategy meeting a week to go over content, procedures, brainstorming, etc.

  3. Have a real voice in the type of content we roll out.

  4. Post to all Social Media platforms pictures, messages, and videos that are related to our brand.

  5. Not be micromanaged.

  6. Work no more than 5-10 hours a week

  7. Gain valuable experience

  8. Gain a reference letter from us that we would give to any other potential employers.

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The next generation of leaders will be predominately students of color and we are interested in establishing a foundation that leads them toward success in school, faithfulness in God and toward making a restorative societal impact in their communities, families, and workplaces.


Content Creators report directly to the Director of Operations. They write blogs, articles, share on podcasts, make videos, etc. They play an integral role in the thought leadership and discipleship that we hope takes place as a result of this site. For more information or to apply click here.

Open Books


Our brand ambassadors report directly to our Project Manager. They help raise brand awareness, increase sales and develop meaningful relationships with universities. They complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting products or services, handling merch orders and implementing marketing campaigns. Must be outgoing, creative and a self-starter.


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