God's Love is Essential Christianity

Keeping the Main Things in View When I first became a believer, the concept that stuck me the most was God’s unconditional love shown in Jesus Christ. Me? I wasn’t confused about my wretchedness and sinfulness. Many try to hide behind good acts, but I knew I was messed up. I would cry for hours feeling God’s experiential love for me.  “You’ll grow out of this stage one day.” Wow. The near cynical voice of older Christians around me would discourage me at times. As I looked around I started noticing things within church life that supported cynicism and this “mature” attitude: 1. Evangelistic meetings. Usually during these type of services or outreaches the focus is usually on God’s love (or His wrath depending on the preacher or ministry). The text is usually John 3:16 or some other similar passage and everyone listens politely as incoming believers here that God loves them. 2. God’s love is often taught at beginner Christian classes while more advanced Bible studies cover intriguing topics such as the book of Romans’ or Revelation. 3.  A person sharing their testimony of salvation usually emphasizes God’s love as the entry point into salvation. God’s love isn’t just the entry point into salvation. It isn’t comprised of trite sayings. God’s love is the anchor that keeps me day to day. I still weep. I am still grateful...all these years later. In years where I begin to drift away from God’s love being my anchor I become mired in legalism, chaos, sin, and spiritual pride. I realize now that I need God’s love and acceptance now more than ever. 
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