Hank Aaron: Price of Excellence

When Hank Aaron—famed Negro League and Major League Icon and the slugginest man in baseball history—hit his 714th home run, he tied Babe Ruth and brought upon himself the hell of white racist hatred. He received death threats, kidnapping threats to his children and hate mail for simply being great. That was in 1974. And yet, on his humble road to greatness, Henry Louis Aaron broke barriers. He showed courage and poise in the face of lesser minds. So too must we all be. Our callings require each of us to be someone the likes of which the world has never seen. We cannot cower when the world doesn’t understand our offering or is still intimidated by the Black vessels that present it. Instead, own it! Own that you are the answered hopes and dreams of millions before you and maybe the last hope of those to come. And the only way to achieve your calling is to receive your calling. Hank Aaron was born to slug baseballs. He went on to hit 755 home runs in his career, shattering Ruth’s record. He was startled yet relieved that the 2 white boys who sprinted onto the field as he rounded the bases when he hit 715 did not have murderous, racially charged intent. And the moment he crossed home plate, he hugged his family and celebrated. All that pressure and fear exhaled in a single moment. And his people rejoiced with him. I hope the same for you in the moment you achieve your calling.

Rest in God, Legend.

Henry “Hammering Hank” Aaron

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