Lifting the Heavy Yoke

This past weekend I had a wonderful conversation with a brother in Christ that has resonated with me so strongly that I haven’t been able to shake it even days later. For a few hours we talked about our responsibility as Christians to not just live within a bubble of our Christian relationships, but instead to spread God’s love to a lost and broken world. It’s not enough to just know God’s love for ourselves. The knowledge that all of humanity is created in the image of God propels me out of my isolation into the sphere of politics, social justice, and loving works of compassion.

“Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) These Words, uttered from the mouth of Jesus hundreds of years ago still reveal His nature, His very heart. He came in order to lift the heavy burdens off of people; the things that weigh people down. Throughout His life and ministry we see Him clearly healing, listening, loving, and preaching. Washed in His Blood, armed with His righteousness, meekness and mercy I have the beautiful opportunity to join Jesus in His work of reconciliation as He continues to lift up those who are bowed down.

What does that look like? I believe that it is found mostly in everyday intentional acts of compassion and mercy. Within my family, close friends, or community I have countless opportunities per day to really pay attention to the real physical, spiritual, and emotional needs that plague these loved ones. Recently, I have begun to really focus my finances on those around me. What things do they need? What are their financial struggles? I want Jesus to be glorified as I partner with Him to lift these burdens. Moving beyond my immediate sphere of influence, I notice that I am becoming increasingly passionate about politics, justice, etc. I care fundamentally how others are treated because I truly believe that Jesus does as well. I want the minimum wage nationally to increase for example because I care that people are not so overworked that they cannot take care of their families emotionally. The love of Christ compels me to pray, vote, and give in such a way that Christ is glorified.

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