Making Time for The Word

Recently, I have found myself in the all too familiar position of being busy. Too busy in fact. I don't know how it happens over time but life really creeps up and before I know it I feel extremely pressed for time to spend with God. I still have my morning devotionals every morning. (I wouldn't trade those for the world.) As I become more and more busy though, I find myself craving something more. Weariness and fatigue test my patience, resolve, and honestly my emotional fortitude.

So I have been making more of an effort to make more time for God's Word. I would be lying if I painted this picture of me reading for hours on end, enraptured in God's glory. It's often just a few lines in a hurry in between activities. On truly good days, I am able to take a lunch break and go to a coffee shop and read The Bible for 30 minutes. The fight for God's Word in my life is less about a set of rules or religious devotion and more about wanting to fill my mind with the Truth about the God I love. As my life quickens to a breakneck speed I find that it is in these times of quiet contemplation that God nourishes my soul.

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