Method To Your Madness

Factually speaking, we are not all hard wired to be naturally organized. For some, a sock on the floor or a displaced book on the bookshelf is enough to drive them crazy. For others, it is normal to be unable to see their floor under their junk,

let alone find a book. However, to maximize success one must discern their method, meaning do what works for you. For example, I could not do work in our apartment, so I would leave the apartment to get work done. There was a catch though: I also cannot work in crowded public places, either. Places like Starbucks or common areas in the library would be too distracting as I people watch or have nosy moments that would have me stuck

on one sentence for an hour. so, I would schedule rooms alone in the library or work in the quiet sections to isolate myself someplace all but unfamiliar. On the other hand, I had a roommate whose room got messier as he got more stressed out. I knew he was nagged by something he could not work around so I would try to keep common areas clean, especially since he preferred to do assignments at home. He was free to work at our kitchen table and leave his stress in his room. Whether isolation is the method to your madness or those around you help you keep your head on straight, knowledge of self is key. Although selection of roommates hardly seems like knowing oneself, it certainly is. For that reason, roommates are our next subject in our “know yourself” series.

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